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【 Sell 】Best Quality Cashew Nuts for sale from Brazil
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2021-08-02
Offer expiry date: Never expired
Detailed Product Description:


Organoleptic values:

Appearance: Fully developed kernels, characteristic shape

Colour: Uniform colour which may be white, light yellow, pale ivory or light ash grey.

Flavour: characteristic for cashew nuts, without foreign flavour

Odour: characteristic for cashew nuts, without foreign odour

Texture: kernels are firm; not brittle, pliable, or leathery

Analytical values: Moisture – 5% max;

Physical values:

Admixtures (All matter from the specific plant other than the required part) – 0,05 % max;

Impurities / foreign material (All matter that is foreign to the plant such as vegetable matter of other plants, animal contaminants, sand, soil, stones, glass and metal) – not allowed;

Serious damage (insect damage (visible damage to the kernel from live or dead insects, mites in any stage of development, insect excreta or fragments - frass - webbing - boring - powdery residue - larval casings - and/or the evidence of insects or insect activity) or rodent damage, visible mold, rancidity, decay, adhering dirt) – not allowed;

Superficial damage (scrapes) – 1% max;

Adhering testa(a kernel with adhering testa greater than 3 mm in diameter is scored twice in determining the percentage of testa) – 1,5% max;

Live insects and larvas – not allowed;

Count (for Cashew nut Kernels whole, quantity of kernels in 454 gr.):

Count W-320: Min 300, Max 320

Broken nuts at delivery(for Cashew nut Kernels whole) – 10% max.

Microbiological values: Coliforms (Escherichia coli), salmonella – not allowed.

Mycotoxins: Aflatoxin B1 - 0,005 mg/kg max.

Best Quality Cashew Nuts for sale from Brazil

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