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【 Sell 】2015 High Quality Bulk Chestnut in Brazil
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2021-08-02
Offer expiry date: Never expired
Detailed Product Description:



Fresh chestnut

Place of origin



1.chestnut is rich in fat, protein, vitamin and material (calcium, iron, selenium etc);

2. clean, no insect pest, not perished, big body & thin skin,

bright color & lustre, delicate flesh, delicious and rice

alimentation enduring stored, long shelflife,

can be stored up to 2 years under proper conditions

Supply period

From September to next April


30-40pcs/kg ,40-50pcs/kg, 40-60pcs/kg, 60-80pcs/ kg from Dandong

80-100pcs/kg, 100-120pcs/kg,150-160pcs/kg from Taian

2015 High Quality Bulk Chestnut in Brazil

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