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Sweet Cream Salted Butter

Product Name: Sweet Cream Salted Butter
Product Origin: Brazil
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: Polenghi
FOB Price: USD 2200 /Metric Ton
Min. Order: 27 Metric Ton
PriceTerms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 4000 Metric Ton per Month
Detailed Product Description:
Sweet cream salted butter is the main butter consumed in the Brazil as a spread and condiment and is commonly used to give a smooth, creamy texture to sauces. It is made by churning fresh cream and adding salt. The final product has a minimum of 80% fat content, 17% water and 1.6 to1.7% salt. Besides impoving tast, the salt also acts as a natural preservative.

Typical Compositional Analysis
The analysis results listed in this product bulletin are
typical. Refer to the selling specification for minimum
and maximum limits by parameter.
Milkfat (g/100g) 81.4
Moisture (g/100g) 15.7
Salt (g/100g) 1.5
Milk solids not fat (g/100g) 1.4
Typical Mineral Analysis
Sodium (mg/kg) 600
Potassium (mg/kg) 22
Calcium (mg/100g) 22
Iron (mg/100g) <0.2
Copper (mg/100g) <0.05
Typical Chemical Analysis
Free fatty acids as Oleic acid (%m/m) <0.3
Typical Nutritional Analysis
Energy (kJ/100g) 3030
Calories (kcal/100g) 725
Moisture (g/100g) 15.7
Protein (g/100g) 0.6
Total Fat (Milkfat) (g/100g) 81.4
Total Carbohydrate (g/100g) 0.6
Total Sugar (Lactose) (g/100g) 0.6
Dietary Fibre Nil
Cholesterol (mg/100g) 195
Ash (g/100g) 1.5
Fatty Acids (g/100g Product)
Saturated fatty acids 53.9
Mono unsaturated fatty acids 16.4
Poly unsaturated fatty acids 1.1
Trans1 fatty acids2 3.8
1 Methylene interrupted trans
2 Please refer to individual country regulations for trans fatty acid
labelling requirements

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